With the colder weather and shorter days, staying on track with a healthy diet can be challenging. Just a few weeks of over indulging can have weight gain effects that can last longer than we may realise. Losing winter weight gain can be hard. We are usually very mindful of what we eat during summer. But it is just as important, if not more so, to be mindful of what we are eating now.

Here are my top four tips to avoid weight gain this winter:

1. Eat In More

When you do the cooking yourself you know exactly what is going into your meals. This is such a simple way to gain more control of the food you consume. By eating more home cooked foods, you can make healthier choices and be more aware of your portion sizes.

2. Stay Hydrated

With cooler temperatures we tend to drink less water. However, we still need to keep hydrated during the winter months. Drinking warm or hot water options can help you reach the recommended fluid intake. You could always try herbal tea or hot lemon water. Just be mindful of consuming too much caffeine as caffeine can affect hydration levels too.

3. Balance Your Macronutrients

We know that over indulging of winter comfort foods can lead to weight gain. It is therefore important to maintain macronutrient balance during the colder months. This means we need to focus on balancing our meals appropriately with the recommended amounts of all three macronutrients; protein, fats and carbohydrates.

4. Exercise Indoors

Although exercising outdoors may not be ideal right now, there are a lot of ways you can still keep moving. For example, you can still exercise indoors. Continuing to exercise will help maintain your weight and help with weight loss, but it will also boost your mental health which is just as important, especially in the colder months. Exercising indoors may prompt you to try new and different activities too, which you may end up loving.

Article by Tammy Mond - Nutritionist.


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