Tell us a bit about you.

I'm a runner, triathlete, body positive athlete & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Advocate. I love encouraging others to be themselves, unapologetically.

What keeps you fit and active?

Running, swimming, gym and being a mum!

Do you have any tips to share to help with motivation and accountability?

Find a tribe of people who you love working out with and it won't be a chore. Try lots of different activities until you find the exercise you actually like - and don't waste your time comparing yourself to others! Your race...your pace!

What's your favourite RunFaster print and/or style?

Ohhhh that's a hard one! I love all the new pocket styles. Anything leopard print and the block prints especially the sapphire colour. In summer I love the shorts with pockets and winter the 7/8's!

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