Who could've ever predicted that pockets on tights would become 'a thing'? Not only are they 'a thing', they have now pretty much become an absolute necessity!  If you've not figured this out yet, let us explain why you need this addition to your leggings...

  1. Phone - When mobile phones came into our lives and 'smart phones' in particular, all of a sudden we needed to carry a small computer around with us all the time! Of course you can use a handbag, but with pretty much everything able to be stored digitally now, why bother? Pockets to the rescue!
  2. Keys - What did we ever do with our keys when out on a run before we had pockets in our tights? Whatever it was, it wasn't as good as this - a perfectly placed spot for you house key, car key, locker key, padlock key, the list is endless. We've never looked back.
  3. Tissues - It's a cold morning, you're trying to keep yourself active during the winter months, but that damn nose just won't stop running. Enter tights with pockets - the perfect place to carry your tissues - one side for clean, one side for dirty. Win-win!!
  4. Snacks - Snacks for the kids, snacks for the dog, snacks for yourself! Simply tuck them into your tights' pockets and away you go. No baby bag, bum bag or back pack required. Freedom!
  5. Doggy bags - Both the poop and the takeaway kind, fit perfectly in your pockets! Just be sure to find a bin straight after using those clean poop bags. No one wants to carry the full dirty kind around in their pocket!

What do you fill your tights' pockets with? 

Almost all our tights come with pockets now. If we've convinced you that you can't live without them, shop here



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