My first running outfit was my old soccer shorts. Then I bought my first “running uniform” – an aqua singlet and black ¾ tights. I definitely felt more like a proper runner when I had the right gear.

But soon enough I started admiring those ladies rocking the bright patterns on their skirts, shorts and full length tights. “They look so cool,” I’d always say to myself.

I promised myself that when I could run 5k without walking I’d treat myself to a pair of good quality, brightly patterned running tights. I kept my word and I’ve been a bright tights advocate ever since.

I hear a lot of people say “Oh but they wouldn’t look good on me” or “I don’t have the confidence to wear those”. Well… pfft. Here are my top five reasons for why you should take the plunge and wear the bright tights:

  • Everyone looks good in bright tights. Not joking. Tall, short, big, small, professional athletes and total beginners. I’ve never seen a butt not look fantastic in bright prints.
  • Bright prints are more flattering. Ignore that rule about “black is slimming” – it’s a big lie! When you wear a bright print, it blurs your edges. If you are worried about looking too big or too small (and you shouldn’t, but that’s another topic), prints will make it harder to see where you start and end, compared to a solid block of colour. Also, if you’re worried about lumps and bumps – you can’t see them with bright prints!
  • Wet or dry – who can tell? Are you a groin sweater? Do you ever sit down for your post-run coffee and feel a rush of perspiration streaming down the gully between your butt cheeks? Do you sometimes let out a little bit of wee when you run downhill? Or have you experienced the joy of taking a bush wee when there’s no toilet paper and all you can do is jiggle then pull up your pants? Well bright tights are for you! Any solid colour – even black – will almost certainly show off every drop of moisture. If you’re wearing a nice loud print, nobody will ever be standing behind you trying to work out whether you’ve wet yourself or you’re just really sweaty. Instead they’ll be admiring your butt and thinking “I wish I had the confidence to wear bright tights”.
  • Camel toe is a no no. Sometimes you just can’t help it. You aren’t meaning to pull your tights up super-high, but there’s something about that groin seam that just wants to climb right up in there. When you wear bright tights, this is never an issue because everything just blurs together in a wondrous kaleidoscope of awesomeness. When you’re wearing solid black, people’s eyes are drawn to any part of your body with “texture”. When you’re wearing bright tights, your thighs are just as exciting to look at as your lady bits.
  • Compliments = confidence. I’ve never worn black tights and had someone say “Oh I love your tights, where’d you get them?”. The amount of positive attention bright tights will get you will raise your confidence sky high. Run a little faster. Get a bit more spring in your step. You look great and you know it!

While I’m at it, it is worth investing in good quality tights, especially if you’re going for bright ones. While everyone’s admiring you, you don’t want to be constantly hitching up your tights, or end up with a muffin top or saggy crotch, and you certainly can’t run your best with itchy seams or worse – chafe! A pair of good quality tights will fit better and feel better – so you’ll wear them more often and get a lot more value for money. Enter RunFaster tights! 

Like a well-fitting pair of shoes or a good running bra, your running tights are important – and you deserve to have good ones. If budget is an issue, I’ve got great news for you: bright tights advocates are often bright tights addicts, so there are lots of good quality bright tights in great condition available to buy second-hand. And if you’re a bright tights enthusiast with too many pairs in your closet, consider sharing the love and selling or donating them to a friend, because all bright tights deserve their time in the sun.

Over on RunFaster's Lifestyle Facebook group they allow the on-selling of pre-loved RunFaster styles so you can pick up some great items at great prices! Join today >

By Gemma Holly one of RunFaster's amazing ambassadors!


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