Today we have Tammy Kacev from Tammy Nutrition share her tips to stop winter weight gain.

Even though we are all well aware of the risks excess weight gain has on our health, each and every winter, too many of us pile on some extra kilos. Those extra few kilos staring back at us on the scales at the end of winter, which seem to just spring out of no-where, now becomes a reality. Panic sets in!

Yes, winter weight gain is common. But here is the good news everyone! It doesn’t have to happen! There are ways to prevent it.

Weight gain is simply the rest of excess calories in, when compared to calories or energy expended. With colder weather and shorter days, we tend to move less in winter than we do in the summer.  We are creatures of comfort. In the colder months, we tend to enjoy the ‘Snuggle Up’ mentality, where we eat more and do less. It’s a form of human hibernation! All we want to do is snuggle up on the couch with warmer, heavier, comfort foods…right?! Well it’s those two factors right there which explains the reality of the winter weight gain trend.

So to stop you from falling into this trend, here are my winter tips to fight weight gain. The key lies in prevention. This means maintaining your training through this time is crucial! Although it may be harder to get up early on a cold, dark morning, it does not mean you have to give up exercising. Try moving your morning sessions to later in the day, or to make yourself accountable to turn up, make a time and place to train with a friend or trainer. This way you have to turn up…right? You don’t want to be the one who doesn’t show up right?

When it comes to our food, yes our over indulgence feels good in the moment, but in time it feeds negativity. The need for heavier, warmer comfort foods like potatoes and hot chocolates can lead to downward spiral. Try rather bulking your meals with low calorie, filling high fibre vegetable based soups. Not only will this help you feel fuller, it will warm you up, and contribute to your fluid intake.

Easy to follow suggestions to consider:

  • It’s okay to still indulge and enjoy comfort foods during winter, but limit this to once or twice a week only
  • Stay hydrated. Although you may not feel as thirsty as we would in the summer, we still need to keep hydrated during the cold days! My favourite is a herbal at night before bed, or hot lemon water, first thing in the morning
  • Fill your plates with high fibre, filling, low-kilojoule foods. Why not try some rolled oats for breakfast? Or a lentil or sweet potato soup at dinner
  • Keep to your exercise schedule, even if that means doing yoga at home on the lounge floor, or rescheduling your routine to get to those evening classes
  • Remind yourself daily of your goals. If you need to do monthly measurements, regular weigh-ins, or whatever else it is that will help you stay on track, then do it. Put in in your diary so it gets done
Weight gain is also influenced by our thoughts and mindset. With colder weather it is important to remember your goals. So do not give yourself psychological permission to gain weight. It’s that simple!  Gaining weight is the easy bit. The hard part is losing it. Hopefully by being more of aware of the common misconceptions made during winter, you are one step closer to staying on track.

Tammy xx


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