We get lots and lots of questions about the fabrics we use in our tights, so we thought we would share some of these along with their answers to help you decide which tights are your perfect match.

Here's the Top 5 fabric questions we get asked at RFHQ. 

Which fabric is...

  • Firmest, thickest and warmest? RF Signature - hands down! Our Signature material has a matte-cottony feel which means it isn't shiny or slippery and feels nice and cosy against the skin. This fabric is perfect for chilly mornings and colder climates when you need the thickest protection possible.
  • Most lightweight and fastest drying? RF Aquafit - without a doubt! Designed to be worn both for workouts in and out of the pool, our Aquafit material is so stretchy and lightweight, it moves with your body and actually feels a bit like a second skin - almost like you're wearing nothing at all. ;) Due to its' lightweight nature, this fabric is also super fast drying, making going from the pool or ocean to the gym, easy-peasy!
  • Best for compression? RF Perform - 100%! This material has a smooth, silky feel and is cool to touch. It has a slight sheen and holds everything in nice and firm. To get that nice, tight compression feel, going down a size in this material is sometimes recommended if you sit in the middle of 2 size ranges.
  • Most sweat-wicking and also sweatproof? Being sweatproof is quite different to sweat-wicking. All of our fabrics are sweat-wicking, meaning they draw sweat away from the body instead of keeping it trapped against the skin, which helps in keeping you cool during wear. Everybody is different in regard to amount of sweat produced, so being sweatproof can vary and hence not every material is sweatproof for every body. Our recommendation here is, if you are a heavy sweater, stick with the printed fabrics, which hide a multitude of things - including sweat!
  • Best for sun protection? Whichever RunFaster material you choose, you can be sure it's got you covered in regard to being protected from the sun's harmful rays...all the fabrics we use in our tights have a UV50+ sun protection rating.

We hope this info helps you make the right choice for you, but if you have any further questions, please reach out to us via our Facebook page or email - info@runfastergear.com.au


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