At Runfaster we understand that everyone is different, which is why we try to accommodate as many shapes and sizes as we can. Not only do we have inclusive sizing, we have multiple fabrics, 2 different heights of waistband and also 7 lengths of tights ranging from short shorts to full length. This blog is designed to help you work out which is best for you.

  • Short Shorts - Sometimes called 'booty shorts', these are the shortest of the bunch, sitting just under the booty. Popular with gym goers, swimmers and track runners, these will keep you cool and there's no 'riding up', as they're already high up on your thighs. Choose these if you like as least fabric as possible or are on the shorter side of life. 
  • Mid Shorts -  Our most popular length, the mid shorts are designed to sit mid thigh, but if your legs are a bit shorter up top, they may come down a bit closer towards the knee. Choose these if you like the best of both worlds; not too long, not too short - somewhere in between.
  • Long Shorts - Sometimes referred to as 'bike shorts', our long shorts are great for keeping you cool without showing too much of your legs. Choose this length if you're new to the 'free the knee' movement or if you are taller in the thighs.
  • 5/8 Length - If you remember your fractions from primary school you will know that 5/8 tights are just a tad shorter than the 3/4 length, which equates to 6/8 if you find the common denominator! Mathematics aside, the 5/8 length is designed to sit just under the knee, but once again depending on your height, they may sit further down the leg towards your calf. Choose these if you aren't quite ready to free the knee or like the 3/4 length but are somewhat vertically challenged.
  • 3/4 Length - Popular for the 'in between' seasons of Autumn and Spring, 3/4 tights provide just enough length to keep you warm, yet are refreshingly cool when you start heating up; a win-win really! Choose these if you can't decide if you're hot or cold, or if you're legs aren't quite long enough to wear the 7/8 as ankle biters.
  • 7/8 Length - Also referred to as ankle biters, 7/8 tights are to winter as mid shorts are to summer - our most popular length; the reason being is they suit so many people of all different shapes and sizes and are possibly the most flattering length on everyone. They are also very versatile and can be worn for exercise and casually without anyone batting an eyelid. Choose these if you like to cover your legs but don't mind showing off your ankles, or wear them as full length tights if you have shorter legs.
  • Full Length - When the weather cools right down, full length is the go-to pair of tights for many. They provide full leg coverage and depending which fabric you choose, full warmth as well. Our full length tights are on the longer side to accommodate all those tall people who have trouble finding a full leg length tight. Choose this length if you want to cover every bit of skin from waist to ankles. 

All our tights change slightly in length depending on which size you choose, so it's best if you check out our size chart too when considering the perfect length for you.

As aways, if you need any help making your decision, please get in touch, as our customer service champions are always happy to offer their guidance and expertise to help you find your perfect fit. Email us:


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