It almost sounds too good to be true, a fabric so awesome you can run to the beach, swim, and run home with no chaffing, adjusting or discomfort. As if! Welcome to RF Aquafit.

This fabric is one of our most popular for good reason. It’s soft, buttery, stretchy and firm. An awesome option for people in warmer climates or experiencing the heat of summer - it really does feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

At head office we obviously trial and test products, we wear them every day (best work uniform ever!). This is no exception - we’ve been hiking, swimming, running, walking, paddle boarding - you name it, in our RF Aquafit and they have not disappointed at all. But you don’t need to take our word for it, here is what some of our gorgeous customers have to say about RF Aquafit:

“Aquafit is my favourite material! So versatile! Can go bushwalking & swim in the ocean when finished.” - Jodi

“I just love the swim fabric- like a second skin, so cool. I haven’t swum in them but plonked myself into a stream during a few trails runs and they dry off super quick!” - Tania

“I run but wear a skirt. Now I’m learning paddle and needed shorts. Bought Aquafit fabric shorts snd love them. They work well for me in my kayak, they don’t move or ride up. The high rise stays up which is great. Prefer the lighter weight of the Aquafit. Can’t wait to try Vivid too. So good to have not just black options!” - Sally

“So light on so great for warmer days running and great to wear in the ocean afterwards really love this material.” - Jodienne

“The first time I wore my Amazon tights was at parkrun and I kept looking down at them because they were so pretty. That was till I ran into a bush that was overgrown over the path.” - Naomi

“I have basically lived in these tights this weekend. The 3/4 length is great for kayaking as they stop my knees getting burnt. PS. I go commando if I know I’m going swimming.” - Heidi

“I love the Aquafit! They have been amazing while being on holiday! Soft material it sits so well and are soooo supportive .... it’s pretty so to wear it with anything anytime is great!

I have worn them walking and swimming and walked afterwards again and they remained comfy! Undies or no undies both work both comfy for me! I love the idea of taking a top off and being swim ready!” - Leandri

“I have just done an 8km walk in Noosa National Park in my Amazons. So awesome that you can stop and go for a swim along the way without having to change, and they are SO much more comfortable to walk in than swimmers. Have also recently worn them to Wet n Wild - no worrying about swimmers falling off on the waterslides! I wear Aquafit shorts to gym sessions, then jump straight into the pool for some laps after.” - Felicity

“Definitely my favourite fabric. So good for the current weather! Copes really well with heat and humidity.” - Zoey

“Aquafit is the best!!! It stops everything rubbing together when running, and in hot weather feels light and cool, whilst still holding everything in. Dries super quick - and prefer invisible seams too.” - Brogan

“Hike to kingfisher pools for a swim (and then an awful climb back out). Loving the aqua tights for the hike and swim adventures I’ve been doing. Comfortable and light for swimming as well as providing a bit of extra sun protection .they quickly dry once out of the water no chafing on the return hike (even if I end up just as wet with sweat as I did in the water).” - Joanne

“Totally love the Aquafit for training in summer. I love the stretch, and how light it feels in the heat and of course you can pop into a pool or the ocean at the end of your workout. Also I much prefer the tights to wear for cooling off in the water, covers some of the areas of the body that I’m not so comfortable about displaying and there really is no need to change into another outfit once you’re done. So comfortable and soft totally love them for summer.” - Kathy

“Aquafit is by far my favourite material from the range. The material is lightweight which is great for summer and has the right amount of stretch. The colours stay very vibrant when stretched and the quick-drying material is awesome for a post-run/walk dip. Would definitely love some more prints in this material.” - Carly


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