In my younger years, I spent a lot of time making excuses as to why I couldn’t get out for regular exercise. I mean, I played the odd game of netball, but I wasn’t actually ‘fit enough’ to do anything else of a physical nature – or so I kept telling myself. Every now and then, my husband and I would set off on some type of epic adventure thinking we’d be fine (we never were). We’d come back dehydrated, exhausted, covered in blisters and so sore that we would vow NEVER to do that again (until next time around 12 months later – yet again totally unprepared and so the cycle continued). It was sporadic exercise, to say the least!

These days, I am the total opposite – never does an excuse get in my way and in my role as a running coach I don’t let my runners get away with them either! Let’s have a look at some of the top excuses I hear and also, at the opposing thoughts to blow them out of the water…
  • I’m not fit enough. YET! Please don’t forget to add this special word onto the end – the power of yet is immeasurable. If you get out there and consistently give it a go, you WILL be fit enough before you can tell yourself otherwise.
  • I need to lose a bit of weight first. WHY? In case you hadn’t heard, exercise assists in losing weight. Don’t delay – try it today…and tomorrow…and the day after that!
  • It’s too hot/wet/cold. What’s your point? Are you a weather forecaster? Don’t let the weather dictate your movement schedule. Go early in the morning before it’s too hot or find a shady track; wear a hat to keep the water out of your eyes and perhaps a rain jacket; rug up with layered clothing on cold days. Have you ever heard of a treadmill? Excuses busted!
  • I’m too old. INCORRECT! I started running in my mid-late 30’s and have since coached many people to start running across all different ages right up to people in their 70’s and 80’s. There is no perfect time to start, nor is it ever too late. Start NOW!
  • I might get injured. You may, you may not, but if you are well prepared and work on your strength plus increase any activity at a gradual pace, then you should be fine. If you seek the advice of a professional PT, coach and/or Physiotherapist, they will be able to help you start out at reasonable pace for you, then you will be more likely to proceed and progress without serious injury.
  • I have no time. Everyone is busy – FACT! I’m a wife, a mum of 2 teenagers, a full-time worker, a part time running coach (and sometimes I even write blogs), but I make it work. If you sit down with your diary and add in all your must-do items each week like work hours, appointments, kids’ activities, and the rest, you can then look for the gaps. This may be lunch time, early mornings, afternoons, while the kids have sports training – the possibilities are endless! If you really want to make something work, you can (and will) find a way.

Each time you find yourself saying no to a workout, double check to make sure it’s not an excuse that can be simply flipped around with an opposing thought, and see yourself out the door! You can do it - I believe in you x

Article by: Rachel Allworth - Level 2 Accredited Recreational Running Coach


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