Running Mojo is something that wanes from time to time. Whether it’s after a long training block, coming back from illness or injury or when you hit rock bottom after a major successful event runner’s high, it can be hard to find your running ‘why’ at times. It happens to even the most seasoned runners. 😞

Sometimes you need a bit of a kick along with some reminders, so let's look at a few simple tips that will help you find your long lost Running Mojo.

  • Take a break. Sometimes you may need a bit of rest, that’s okay! Allow yourself time, both physically and mentally to reset. Maybe even try a new activity like concentrating on strength work more for a while and allow yourself to have a break.
  • Set a new running goal. I find after a little lull, a new, big (perhaps scary!) goal event can kick you into action. 
  • Find a crew to get you through. Reach out to some friends, get along to your local parkrun or find a running group to help with your motivation. Often, if you plan to meet up with someone, you’ll find that you’re off and running again in no time without even a second thought.
  • Start from scratch. If you’re feeling overwhelmed because you’ve had a long break, start from the very beginning again. Some walk/run intervals will get you moving and once you’re moving again, you’ll feel better - I promise!

Article by Rachel Allworth - Accredited Running Coach and Owner of Rachel's Runners.


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