“I can’t be a runner, I’ll come last”

“I can’t be a swimmer, I’m too slow”

“I can’t go to the gym, I’m just not good at that stuff”

Ever said it?

Ever thought it?

What if you changed your perspective?

If you believed that firstly exercise isn’t punishment. It’s not something you have to do because you ate something ‘bad’ or because your legs might wobble a bit. What if you looked at exercise as simply something that you liked doing? That you were sad (and an absolute nightmare to live with) if you couldn’t do it. Now I hear some of you scoff, perhaps roll your eyes, tune out and stop reading. Believe me, I get it. I only became a runner and became interested in ‘this fitness thing’ 6 years ago. The other 31 years of my life, I was the one who participated when I ‘had’ to, did I enjoy it? Hell No. I believed I was ‘bad’ at it and really didn’t put much effort into it.

I think sometimes our image of fitness is a little off. You do not have to become an Ultramarathoner or compete in a Tough Mudder. Nor do you have to place in races. Do you have to run in fun runs? Nope. You may like the freedom and peace a nice long slow trail run brings you. Or a walk through your favourite place. A gym catch up with friends, an anger busting boxing class. A simple 10 minute workout in your lounge room. Forget if you are ‘good’ at it. Forget if you can keep up with those around you. Remember you are in it to be good to yourself. To make your mind and body feel strong and most importantly happy.

If I had waited to join in until I was as good as some of those around me...well lets just say I would still be waiting! But somewhere along the way I remembered to believe in myself and that meant turning off that inner mean girl, tuning into my body and my capabilities and caring for myself.

Just remember;

It’s not about being good at something. It’s about being good to yourself.

Original article by Carin McCoy - www.edsrunfree.wordpress.com


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