With the warmer weather, cool treats quickly come to mind! If you’re looking for a healthier version of the traditionally sugary sweet ice cream, we’ve got you covered with this recipe from Nutritionist Tammy Mond.


500g frozen fruit (fruit of choice e.g. raspberries or strawberries)
50g natvia
120g pouring cream


Step 1 – Freeze fruit.
Step 2 – In a blender or food processor add the frozen fruit and natvia.
Step 3 – Blend or process until fruit is chopped.
Step 4 – While blender or processor is still on, pour the pouring cream until it is blended and incorporated into fruit and natvia.
Step 5 – Pour ice cream into moulds and place in the freezer until moulded or scoop into cups or cones and serve immediately.

Recipe thanks to Tammy Mond, Nutritionist.


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