My Name is Carin and I'm a Body Positive Athlete.

6 years ago, after having my children and dealing with a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I thought it’s time to move off the sidelines and get involved in my life. I wasn’t comfortable being on the sidelines anymore.

So, that brought me to my first ever 5km fun run – It was a cause very close to my heart. The annual Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital Run for the Kids Fun Run. Having spent time myself there and now with both my children I knew I had to dig deep and run this event.

And so I did.

Was it fast? Hell No!

Was it pretty? Hell No!

But it was my first ever 5km nonstop & it changed my life. What happened then? Well I realised my body and minds capabilities. I was worth the effort. The training made me feel strong and amazing and exercise was no longer about something I had to do as punishment. It was something I could do and I learnt to love.  Endless 5kms, 10kms, 15kms and then HALF MARATHONS! I kept motivated by always changing things up – trail run events, Triathlons, Boxing and Fitness Classes. One thing that constantly stopped me in my tracks and made me passionate to 'tell my story' is the amount of people who would be on the sidelines and making comments like “oh I’d love to do that, but I am too slow, or too fat”.  I wanted to show them that we can all be athletes – we are all worth it.

Get out there – don’t hide yourself.

My key motto is “Put on those damn bright tights”. Own them. You deserve it.

Carin xx


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