Monday Breakfast with Bryce and Cindy - Casey Radio 97.7FM. That’s me! I’m Cindy Warren. I’m the outgoing, loud, and very opinionated half of the duo. Bryce and I had been working together for about 12 months when I said the words out loud. I really didn’t want to, but in true Cindy form, I spoke first and thought about it later!

I LOVE a challenge and strive for excellence in everything I do. I’m a perfectionist with the need to always have some type of project on the go. Like the time I made Bryce some new fishing shoes. Those things really should have made the Jimmy Choo catalogue (I’m not sure why that didn’t happen) or just getting out the glue gun out and sticking random stuff together I saw on Pinterest, I just do weird stuff often. I enjoy a good project!

That’s why on December 28th 2015 I was a little out of my comfort zone when our segment topic was New Year’s resolutions. I mean seriously, I don’t know a single person who has ever even made a serious new year’s resolution. They’re crap and we all know it. Fast forward to 8.45am that morning and it’s time to lock in my resolution. I had spoken A LOT during the year about the fact I was overweight and referred to myself as a “chunky” It seriously didn’t bother me a lot but before I knew what had happened I said these words…

“I Cindy Warren, of Casey Radio 97.7FM will lose 15kgs by 1st December 2016.”

There it was. LIVE – on air! It’s not like we’re a top rating commercial station that has thousands of listeners, but we do have a great following and regular listeners who reacted INSTANTLY! I remember my voice shaking a little as it came out of my mouth. I also remember Bryce continuing with his announcing while my brain fast became foggy and my stress rash crawled higher and higher up my chest to my neck and arms. Oh sweet Oprah - What had I done?

I hear dings and beeps and I know my phone is having a mini melt down. I filter through Facebook notifications on our page and my attention is drawn to a comment left by ‘Jan’ who says she will pledge $100 to my chosen charity (Share the Dignity) if I uphold my end of the bargain and lose the 15kgs by December 2016. I’m distracted by more comments that follow from others pledging their donations. I suddenly have people throwing money at me to lose weight and support my chosen charity who supply homeless women with pads and tampons.

Fast forward to May 2016 – The pledges for this amazing cause are at $3,700 and to date my amazing team have donated over 500+ packets of sanitary items for Share the Dignity:

Deni (my best friend and I blogging for -Share the Dignity Donate a Kilo Donate a Dollar)

As I type this I have lost a total of 15 kilos. But I can’t take all of the credit. I have a secret weapon! Dannii Cross – Complete Transformations. This woman totally rocks my world. The knowledge she has passed on to me has been invaluable. I’m eating more than I ever have. JUST MORE OF THE RIGHT FOODS! And…I don’t hate the exercise! I used to skip breakfast and never thought about what I was putting in my mouth. I just ate stuff, and lots of the wrong stuff! (Insert cringe emoji face here.)

(My amazing PT Dannii Cross and I video blogging for -Share the Dignity Donate a Kilo Donate a Dollar)

So here’s the thing. Bryce ‘encouraged me’ into changing my life without me knowing what I was in for and I am so grateful. Stepping out of my comfort zone and into my ‘Run Faster Gear’ was one of the best things I’ve ever done! (The fact they are super comfy and look amazeballs is just a bonus!)

Being part of Share the Dignity has also been a HUGE reward for me. I encourage everyone to check out their website and find out how a simple packet of pads or tampons can help a homeless woman in Australia have a sense of dignity at the time they need it most.

As an overall result of a simple on air segment, I’m healthier, fitter, I look good (hair flick) and most importantly I’m proud of me!

I think I need to say “Thank you Bryce”  :)



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