This month in our RunFaster Ambassador Spotlight, we meet Kelly who loves to keep fit and active, and is the queen of the jump shot!

Tell us a bit about you.

I'm a mum to 2 beautiful, smart and funny boys, ages 13 and 10 - still coming to terms with having a teenager! My 13 year old was diagnosed with diabetes just before his 7th birthday. He is a little self conscious about it but he takes it all in his stride and it doesn't stop him from doing anything. He is the strongest bravest kid I've ever known.

What keeps you fit and active?

Running, bootcamp, yoga and Pilates.

Do you have any tips to share to help with motivation and accountability?

Lay out your workout clothes the night before. When you get up in the morning or home in the afternoon (depending on when you plan to workout) just get dressed. I find once I'm dressed I can't talk myself out of it. Also, beautiful workout gear that you can't wait to wear always helps!

What's your favourite RunFaster print and/or style?

I love the AquaFit and Vivid fabrics. The brighter the better!

You can keep up with Kelly on Instagram @kelly_funrunner


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