A life-changing decision led this champion to a whole new way of living and has also inspired her to do the same for many others. Meet Erin...

Tell us a bit about you.

Over 5 years ago I was so miserable in every aspect of my life, I didn't like how I looked or felt, I hated my job etc. I got into fitness, lost weight, improved my mindset, mental health and more. From there I decided to study Cert 3 and 4 in fitness for self development. Next thing you know, I quit my corporate long term job to run my own group fitness biz, taught 4 years outdoors and have now been in our very own studio for 1 year.

What keeps you fit and active?

I love how it makes me feel, I love inspiring other women into knowing that they too can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

Do you have any tips to share to help with motivation and accountability?

Find something you actually enjoy so you actually want to go back and fill up your own cup.

What's your favourite RunFaster print and/or style?

OMG hard one! Pretty much anything animal print is a fave of mine!

You can catch Erin on Instagram - @efitpt


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