Some wise words from RF Crew fit chick Donna from Mind Body Soul Transformation.

1. One Step at a Time

As in life, running reminds us that if we just keep going – one foot in front of the other – then we will reach our desired destination. It won’t always be as fast or as easy as we may like but one or another we will get there.

2. It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Better

I have been running consistently for just over 4 year now, and I still clearly remember that first 30 seconds on the treadmill that left me breathless. Yes I can now run for much longer, but every run still pushes me to my limits in one way or another. My running continually improves and whilst it is now something I love doing, that first kilometre, getting out the door and reaching that finish certainly doesn’t get any easier.

3. Strengthen your MIND and body

Running is not just about being fit - it doesn’t matter how fit I am – I still have runs where it is a constant battle to keep going.  Just the other day, one of these runs left me in tears on the side of the road. I didn’t know why I was struggling so much and every ounce of me wanted to give up. But I wasn’t going to let my mind get the better of me. I knew I could do this run, and so I had no choice but to ignore that voice in my head telling me I couldn’t and keep pushing. You are much more capable of doing anything in life if you just believe in yourself.

4. It’s a form of meditation

We are constantly reminded how important it is to take a step back and clear our minds - particularly in this day and age where we are constantly bombarded with information via TV, internet and social media. My favourite way to do this is to head out for a run. It’s amazing how you can forget all of life's problems or come up with amazing solutions whilst out on a run.

5. Enjoy the Journey

Sometimes in life we get so focused on the destination or the finish line that we forget to enjoy the journey. There is so much to take in, learn and experience whilst out running - be it in a race or during training. So remember not to lose sight of what’s most important – living in the present moment and taking it all in.

6. LISTEN to your body

I literally only learn this last week. After putting off my hilly run around my suburb for a few days because I couldn’t find my head phones, I eventually had no choice but to hit the pavement in silence (or go stir crazy!)

Setting out I was very apprehensive - as I said the run I was doing is HILLY and I didn’t really think I would make it up some of the hills without the distraction of music. Boy did I surprise myself. Not only did I make it up those hills, I didn’t have to stop like I usually do at the top to catch my breath AND I added an extra kilometre because I could. Yes it was slower than usual, but what I had been forced to do was listen to my body – every strained breath, each heartbeat, take note of every foot step and concentrate on my form. I had no choice but to listen when it asked me to slow down and as a result I ran WITHIN my limits. This run I had dreaded at turned out to be one of my best.

Listening to our bodies doesn’t just apply to running - we should make an effort to check in with our bodies (and our intuition) on a constant basis and remember to actually listen to what it has to say.

7. You only regret what you don’t do

It’s not always easy to take that first step out the door and go for that run - but if you do you will NEVER regret it.  But I can guarantee you one thing - you will ALWAYS regret that run you didn’t do.  This is especially true when an injury or illness stops you from running. As a runner that has been through the encyclopedia of running injuries, I can tell you that you never want to run more than when you can’t. Which means one thing - the best time to do that thing you want is NOW!

8. Rest is important

Rest is a word many runners and athletes don’t really like and rest days leave us with a sense of emptiness. But eventually you learn that if you don’t rest, your body will find a way to force you – be it through illness or injury which often leave you out of action for much longer than one day.  By incorporating rest days you quickly learn that they often leave you feeling refreshed, revived and ready to tackle your next run (or day) with more strength and speed than you may have otherwise had.


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